Mosquito Repellent
EG™ Eco-Molding Technology (EG™EMT):

MosRepel Ltd. is a professional expertise promoting good health care actively. We are proud to be a mosquito repellent products manufacturer with our own factory which is located in Taiwan.

Our production techniques are based on application of effective ingredient formula of two natural essences: Citronella Oil and Geraniol. Our “EG™ Eco-Molding Technology” (EG™EMT) encapsulates these natural essences (compress active ingredient) into the plastic (LDPE) matrix. The repellent will vapor out from the surface of products slowly and steadily that ensures the effectiveness of MosRepel Repellents can be long-lasting than other mosquito brands which are just made by conventional technology of coating chemical material on product’s surface.

MosRepel mosquito repellent fragrance is proved can last up to 180 hours in an open area by University. In order to ensure quality and effectiveness, all finished goods will be put in sealed packaging.

MosRepel Mosquito Repellents are all non-chemical added. The smell of MosRepel products is pleasant to humans as the fragrance is extracted from natural essences: Citronella Oil or Geraniol.
Citronella Oil is approved by US EPA as a safe and non-toxic ingredient. Also, Geraniol is tested over years and it is identified as the most effective repellent among four thousand natural compounds. Both are listed as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the US EPA (FIFRA).

What is Citronella?

Citronella is a substance which is
extracted from grasses in the
Cymbopogon family. The substance has
many uses but it is probably best
known for using as an insect repellent.
Citronellahas a lemony type of smell that
many insects will avoid. Citronella is used in various products as an insect repellent for both humans or for their pets. As a natural substance, Citronella will not generally cause you any problems. When you use Citronella product, this repellent will not actually kill insects and it will simply put them off coming near you for a specific period of time. Given that citronella is a natural plant extract, many people prefer it as an insect repellent nowadays instead of using chemical solutions as it is less harmful to them or even to the environment.

How does Citronella against mosquitoes?

Citronella is a renowned plant-based insect repellent, the United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ (US EPA) considers oil of citronella as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action. Citronella oil is one of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon. The oil is used extensively as a source of perfumery substances such as citronellal, citronellol and geraniol. After years of research, our factory refines this active component and formulation. The natural tendency of Citronella to evaporate helps to strengthen the efficacy and makes it as the active ingredient in bracelets, patches, sachets and other MosRepel mosquito products.
Geraniol, another active ingredient in
MosRepel products, which is a powerful
ingredient extracted from Geraniums
through a unique refining process. It
indeed is a natural and extremely
effective insect repellent.

What is Geraniol?

Geraniol is a kind of a biodegradable ingredient which is safe to use and environment, because it has no known toxic to humans, animals and wildlife. Geraniol has a relatively high vapor pressure and gives off a dilute vapor into the air stream which acts as an area repellent.

How does Geraniol against mosquitoes?

Geraniol has been extensively tested by University of Florida which found to be the most effective and natural insect repellent available today. It has been tested over 15 years among more than 3,900 compounds in various laboratories and field tests. Researches show Geraniol is an effective plant-based mosquito repellent. On the other hand, it can attract bees as it is similar to the substance produced by scent glands of honey bees that help bees mark nectar-bearing flowers and locate the entrances to their hives.
Same as Citronella, the natural tendency of Geraniol to evaporate also helps to strengthen the efficacy and makes it as the active ingredient in bands, patches and sachets and other MosRepel mosquito products.