Mosquito Repellent
From the Press
After comparing with other mosquito repellents, MosRepel repellent has the most effective period at reasonable prices.

--- Apple Daily

MosRepel Bracelets on Hands
It is the most effective mosquito repellent for outdoor activities..

--- Parents Magazine

It is the most effective mosquito repellent for outdoor activities..

--- Parents Magazine

180 hours effectiveness, it is enough that lasting for 7 days camping.

--- Park N Shop Magazine

As a body guide for children.

--- Parents Magazine

I have found that this is a powerful mosquito repellent I came across.

--- Apple Daily

A truly effective mosquito repellent for children while at school.

--- Economic Times

Let you to be disburden during outdoor activities in Hot Summer.

--- Ming Po Daily

Perfect to camping, and it's waterproof

--- Apple Daily

Say Bye Bye to Mosquitoes.

--- Sun Daily

That gives you an alternative to replace other electricity bug repellents.

--- Oriental Daily

MosRepel repellent products are amazing which can be kept fresh if they are placed into the sealable packaging when not in use.

--- Sing Po Daily

It is mosquitoes’ enemy.

--- Yes Magazine

The only one mosquito repellent product with waterproof function in the market.

--- Weekend Weekly Magazine

Indoor OK, Outdoor OK and rainy days are also OK.

--- Apple Daily

If you don't want mosquito bite, simply use it.

--- PNS Magazine

MosRepel natural mosquito repellent, the best choice of mosquito repellent.

--- Sun Daily

I can tell you, it is really lasts for over 180 hours.

--- Sing Po Daily

MosRepel mosquito repellent patches are very convenient which can be placed on different part of clothing and its effectiveness can be covering a wide range area.

--- Apple Daily

MosRepel natural mosquito repellent is a must have item when go traveling. You can use the popular waterproof mosquito repellent, it is with effective mosquito repellent function by making of 100% natural essences without DEET which won’t harm humans and animals. It is suitable for families to use when go traveling and mosquitoes will keep away from you. It is very convenient if you place the bracelet on your wrists, ankle, handbags or schoolbags.

--- PNS Magazine

MosRepel mosquito repellent bracelet is made of natural essences which will exert special mosquito repellent scent, it is with waterproof function therefore it can be used when go swimming or when we are sweating.

--- Watsons BREATH

Some Dengue Fever cases are discovered in Hong Kong recently. As a mother, we should be aware of it and prepare some mosquitos’ prevention products for our children. MosRepel mosquito repellent bracelet is with new formula, design and packaging which are proved by University that the effectiveness can be last for more than 180 hours. The bracelet should be placed into the sealable container for storage which can be used for around 22 times. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the bracelets will not be affected by sweat or even any water related activities because of the patented waterproof design. MosRepel mosquito bracelets drive me relieved because it is DEET free and made of 100% natural essences which are approved by US EPA and it has obtained CE EN71 certification. Therefore I will feel relieved to let my children use it!

--- Sing Po Daily

The strengthen version of MosRepel mosquito repellent bracelet are trendy with patented waterproof function which will not be affected by sweat and suitable for any water-related activities. The bracelet is with new design, packaging and proved by University that the effectiveness can be reached over 180 hours.

--- Apple Daily

MosRepel mosquito repellent products are especially suitable for outdoor activities and those are must have item when go travel. The effectiveness is strengthened up to 180 hours and those natural ingredients are proved by US EPA and recognized by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong as reliable products with non-toxic.

--- Parents Magazine

From Facebook Users
I have been used MosRepel repellent bracelet for camping two weeks ago and I found that it was really keeping mosquitoes away from me.

--- Cecilia

It is very effective!

--- Sandra

I have bought your products few months ago and your products are the only thing that protected me effectively. However, I have been bitten quite badly in the recent days, some products that I have tried are useless and nothing else could save me, maybe you can give me assistance.

--- Lorraine

I will use MosRepel repellent products when go cycling, camping or even suburbs.

--- Kit

MosRepel repellent bracelet is the daily necessity of my little grandson and I also treat it as daily necessity when I go morning walk and travel.

--- Fion

I have bought two MosRepel repellent bracelets for my son on last week which is very convenience and effective! Therefore I have bought two more bracelets for myself.

--- Fanny

MosRepel repellent bracelet is good to use and powerful!

--- Chung

That is good for my family.

--- Tony

I don't get one bite after using the bracelet.

--- Jenny

MosRepel mosquito repellent bracelet is a very effective, safe, convenient and affordable choice.

--- Jaymee

The bracelet is very useful which is the must have item of my daughter when she go to school.

--- Koala

I found that MosRepel mosquito repellent spray is a comfortable way for repelling mosquito as it is clean and fresh and it will not generate any sticky and oily feeling.

--- Edward

Although I don’t really know the ingredients of MosRepel repellent bracelet, most of my friends are the fans of it, they have been used it for many years. Also, the packaging shows the bracelet can be last for 180 hours, my mother said she has placed the bracelet into the sealable pack after using it and the scent of the bracelet is still existing and can be reuse next time therefore I think this product is quite durable.

--- Rex

The mosquito patches that I bought from MosRepel are very convenient, reliable and its effectiveness is very long lasting!

--- Leo

From Direct Message
I am a blogger from Singapore and I tried using MosRepel today. I've found it to be effective, fun and convenient to wear. Right now, in Singapore, the government had raised a dengue alert. I myself live in the red dengue zone where people in the same block I live in had contracted the illness. Thus, I started stocking up on a few mosquito patches and found your bracelet in the local stores. I wore it for the whole of today and really liked that the color is fashionable (i got the pink one) and I feel safe knowing that it's protecting me from the mozzies. I got the black one for my boyfriend who resists wearing things on his wrists as he has eczema and surprisingly, he wore it for the whole day, never taking it off as it did not irritate his skin in any way.

--- Qi Yun (Singapore)

I’m chasing the mosquito bracelets. One of our friends bought them at a home show in north Queensland Australia and found them really good for her kids.

--- Jodie (Australia)

We found out about your company last year during the Hong Kong Trade Fair because my mom bought some MosRepel bracelets from your booth there and she brought it here in the Philippines to use outdoors and we are really very pleased with the bracelets.

--- Catherine (Philippines)