Mosquito Repellent
How it works?
MosRepel repellents are made of highly effective and natural essential oils: Citronella Oil or Geraniol. Hundreds of formulations were tested before the result was finally deemed as “appropriate smell with the most effective features”.

The ingredient of MosRepel is encapsulated into the plastic matrix by EG™ Eco-Molding Technology (EG™ EMT). When the product is open to the air, MosRepel repellent will release immediately, but slowly and steadily, in a form of vapor. The scent of repellent primarily covers the carbon dioxide exhaled or perspired by humans that makes the beings unattractive to mosquitoes and insects.
How to protect me?
MosRepel repellents provide you a very unique protection. It keeps mosquitoes away from you no matter where you are. Nevertheless, the active ingredient does not kill mosquito and MosRepel is not a mosquito killer. It just makes bugs unable to locate us and do not like the smell of fragrance in result, but it is pleasant to humans.

Uneven surface of products will strengthen the range of fragrance coverage to repel mosquitoes.

EG™ Eco-Molding Technology keeps the repellents in the products and diffuses slowly and steadily when they are open to the air.
MosRepel repellents are 100% DEET Free and non-chemical added that do not harm humans. It can be safe to contact skin or any part of your body without side effect.

MosRepel products are waterproof and suitable for indoor, outdoor activities.

Bracelet can be worn or placed on wherever you need. Sticky side of patch can be attached firmly on anywhere you want.

Effectiveness Chart
The Latest Report of Repelling Efficacy Test by Taiwan National University of Science & Technology:
The below chart shows there are over 80% mosquitoes inhabit at no-bracelet side for each observation after packaging is opened for 180 hours. This indicates MosRepel Anti Mosquito Bracelet still has residual repelling efficiency up to 180 hours.