1 EG 180 Hours Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
Certificates: Efficacy and material safety are proofed by university or laboratory with REPORTS.
180 Hours Repellent: Effective for more than 180 hours with University test report. Compared with similar products, EG Anti Mosquito Bracelet can last 7 times longer
Low Average Cost: Cost per day is much lower than competing products. After usage, if bracelet is stored in sealed zipper bag or container, repellent efficiency will not be consumed
Non-Chemical Ingredient: Natural Essence, US EPA & CE EN71 approved, DEET Free, Non-Toxic and Safe to human and environment
Waterproof: Effectiveness will not be affected by sweating and waterproof material is ideal for water-related activities
Where to Buy: Our products are sold to Hospitals, Government Departments, University and many large organizations. Please refer to Where to Buy for retailing details
Item: EGMB1
Re-sealable Pack
1 pc / Pack
Item: EGMB2C
Re-sealable Pack
2 pcs / Pack
Item: EGMB3
3pcs Individual Bag
/ PVC Box
3 pcs / Box
Item: EGMBK2
For Kids (with Lovely Cartoon clip) Re-sealable Pack
2 pcs / Pack
Item: EGMBL1
Slim and Long size
Re-sealable Pack
1 pc / Pack
Item: EGMB20
Economy Pack Assorted Color  20 pcs Individual Foil / Box
2 EG 72 Hours Mosquito Repellent Patch
Natural Essence, US EPA Approved
DEET Free, Non-Toxic
Safe and Effective for 72 hours
Double Sides 3M Adhesive Tape for sticking firmly.
One side of Adhesive Tape on patch and One side on cloth or any other place
Uneven patch surface expands fragrance protection range to repel mosquito
Patented technology of compressing essence into PVC and not by coating.
It is safe for dermal contact. Waterproof material makes it suitable for outdoor activities
Item: EGMP3
3 pcs Individual Pack
Item: EGMP6
6 pcs Re-sealable Pack
Item: EGMP8
8 pcs Individual Pack
Item: LMMP5
LEMON Anti-Mosquito Patch,
5 pcs Individual Pack
Item: LMMP12
LEMON Anti-Mosquito Patch,
12 pcs Individual Pack
3 12 Hours Anti-Mosquito Patch
Natural Essence, Non-DEET
Effective for 12 hours
For Budget Purchase
DR BUG Wild Tomato Extract Anti-Mosquito Patch 12 pcs / Pack
DR BUG Wild Tomato Extract Anti-Mosquito Bracelet 24 pcs / Pack
4 Mosquito Repellent Sachet/Anti Mosquito Bear
No Electricity, No Smoke
Natural Herb, Non-DEET
Long-lasting for 2 Weeks
Item: EGMBG2
Anti-mosquito Sachet
2 pcs / Pack
Item: EGMBG1

Teddy Bear with a Sachet
5 Mosquito Repellent Spray
High Quality Material
Natural Essence, Non-DEET
Effective for 4 hours
Item: EGMS25
EG Anti-Mosquito Spray
25 ml
EG Anti Mosquito Spray
100 ml
6 Europe made Mosquito Spray
Original Imported from Europe.
PMD Active Ingredient Recommended by US EPA.
Protection against Mosquitoes,Ticks,Gadflies.
Dermatologically Tested.
Suitable for Children of 6 months or above.
Item: FVMS100
FULLAVERDE Mosquito Spray
100 ml
7 “MOSKID” Repellent
Natural ingredient, No chemical - DEET
Healthy product and suitable for family
Multi-function repellent and easy to carry
Item: EGMBK2
Mosquito Bracelet Kids
(with lovely cartoon clip)
2 pcs / Pack
Item: EGMG50
Mosquito Repellent Gel 50ml
Item: EGMA95
Mosquito Repellent Aerosol 95ml
Item: MKMR50
Natural Anti Mosquito Roll On
50 ml
Item: EGMC21
Mosquito Repellent Balm 21gm
Item: EGMP2
Anti Mosquito Pendant
2 pcs / Pack
Item: MKMP24C
Natural Anti Mosquito Patch
24pcs / Pack
Item: MKPMP24
Anti Mosquito Patch
24 pcs / Pack
8 Lavender Anti-Mosquito Series
Lavender Scent
DEET Free, Non Toxic
Non-grease, Suitable for Using in Subtropical Climate
Natural Repellent, Suitable for Family Use
Item: LVMB1
Lavender Scent Anti
Mosquito Bracelet
1 pc / pack
Item: LVMS50
Lavender Anti
Mosquito Spray
Item: LVMP24
Lavender Scent Anti
Mosquito Patch
24 pcs / Pack
9 MOSOUT Anti-Mosquito Series
Natural Essence, Non-DEET
Effective for 12 hours
For Budget Purchase
Item: MOMB1C
MOSOUT Anti-Mosquito Bracelet
Re-sealable Pack
Item: MOMP24
MOSOUT Anti-Mosquito Patch 24pcs
Item: MOMS60
MOSOUT Anti Mosquito Spray
60 ml
10 Warner Bros. Anti-Mosquito Series
Italian Brand
DEET free, non-toxic
Ingredient has been recognized in Hong Kong, EU and US EPA
Characters Design
Item: BR036-14
Anti-Mosquito Bracelet
1 pc / Re-sealable Pack
Item: WBMP8
Anti-Mosquito Patch
8 pcs / Pack
11 Itch-Off
Natural Essence, Camphor and Salicyclic Acid Free
Cooling-effect for Smoothing Itching
Portable and Easy for Use
Item: EGIR15
Natural Itch-Off
Roll-On 15ml