EG International is a Hong Kong based manufacturer and distribution company. We commit ourselves to supply high quality personal health care product persistently.

Our professional Sourcing, Quality Control teams are well experienced in searching and communication with manufacturers throughout the world. In order to improve product with high quality standard, we continuously study global-supply of most updated technology and market trend.

With our “Endeavoring” attitude and spirit of “Service Excellence”, customers will be more confident on our products!

EG International started natural repellent business in Hong Kong from 2000:
  • 2001 EG Natural Anti Mosquito Patch
  • 2003 EG Natural/Waterproof Anti Mosquito Bracelet
  • 2003 Warm Bag
  • 2003 EG 3-Ply Surgical Mask
  • 2004 EG Natural Anti Mosquito Sachet
  • 2004 Hot Pad and Protect/Whitening Teeth Care
  • 2005 EG Anti Moth Sachet, Patch and Hanger
  • 2007 LDPE Environment-Friendly Material for Repellent
  • 2010 Upgrade of Repellent Efficacy
  • 2011 MosKid Anti Mosquito Bracelet Kids, Pets (Dogs/ Cats) Anti Bugs Collar
  • 2012 MosKid Natural Anti Mosquito Series
  • 2013 EG Adhesive Warmer
  • 2014 MosKid Anti Mosquito Pendant, and Anti Mosquito Bear
  • 2015 WB Looney Tunes Anti Mosquito Patch, JL Anti Mosquito Bracelet
  • 2015 MosKid Anti Mosquito Patch
  • 2016 Lavender Natural Anti Mosquito Series, and Natural Itch Off Roll On
  • 2017 MosOut Natural Anti Mosquito Series, Fullaverde Mosquito Spray
  • 2018 Baby Elephant Natural and Organic Baby Wash Series, and Baby Anti Mosquito Series
  • To Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • To Supply High Quality Health Care Product
  • To Develop Innovative and Reliable Product
  • To Promote Eco-Friendly Materials for Environment